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Overview is one of the oldest companies in the email marketing industry. As email marketing veterans, they have the experience needed to provide an extremely user-friendly and effective service. Flexible templates make creating messages a breeze. Excellent customer support and help provided by a genuinely knowledgeable staff --remember they have been doing this a long time -- is a real breath of fresh air. Combined with excellent email deliverability, contact management and reports, this is an excellent choice for almost any business interested in really creating professional and automated marketing campaigns.

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Constant Contact offers some of the best and most advanced email marketing features available. But, above all else, we believe the true selling point of Constant Contact is their incredible customer service. The staff is well-trained and can answer any question or issue. We found them to be available, quick to respond, and refreshingly friendly.

Email creation is a strong feature as well. With a large number of customizable templates it is easy to find something that reflects your style. Drag and drop modules into your email such as text blocks, pictures, logos and links. It’s surprisingly simple with their point and click WYSIWIG editor.

Their campaign tools are also quite extensive. These include a spam checking program to automatically track each of your messages. Use auto responders to send welcome messages automatically to new subscribers. Additionally, you can integrate your email with your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. There is even an iPhone application, so you can keep track of your campaign when you’re on the go.

Email Creation

Email creation is one of the strong points of the ConstantContact service. You can start out by choosing among the large selection of templates. Or, if you prefer, enter in your own HTML code. Editing is a breeze as well. Change colors, insert links or pictures without any hassles. The editor is WYSIWIG, so what you see is what you get!

Once the email is written, you can send it immediately or save and send later. With you can schedule emails for delivery at any time you wish – weeks, or even months in advance.

Campaign Analysis Tools

Import your contacts from any of your email accounts, Excel, Outlook and even from The software will automatically remove any bounced or undeliverable emails as well as unsubscribes. You will also be able to see feedback when someone unsubscribes, to help you improve on your tactics.

All of the reports provided by constant contact accurately reflect user actions, according to our tests. You can view a number of different statistics, including number of emails sent, opens, open rate, forwards, number of clicks, click-through rates, bounced emails, top-performing links, spam reports and unsubscribes.

View your reports in several different ways. The default option is an online interface. With this option, you can see these statistics displayed in graphical form. If you prefer, you can export these reports into an excel spreadsheet.

While the ability to create an AB split test is not specifically included as a feature, you can create one on your own simply by segmenting your contact list.

Prices offers users a 60-day free trial- Amazing! During this period, you are able to send an unlimited number of emails to as many as 100 contacts. Once you do decide to subscribe, their service is priced on the basis of number of contacts, not the number emails sent.

Options Cost Per Month Savings
Free basic membership $0.00 ---
Up to 2,500 contacts $30.00 ---
5000 contacts $50.00 16.00%
Up to 25,000 contacts $150.00 50.00%


Ease of Use

Their 400 email templates combined with a really nice WYSIWYG interface and incredible customer support all combine to make constant contact one of the easier email marketing services to use.

The bottom line is that this is something which every business-person should really consider. The investment is very affordable and will easily pay for itself many times over. You do not need to be familiar with marketing software or a technical geek to use this, either.

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